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2017 OCS and english.job168.com

During the 2017 OCS, english.job168.com organized video job fair which set up parallel sessions in Singapore and Japan. As the on-site job fairs, we also received international students in China, who are from Poland, Netherlands, Russia, Kazakhstan, Korea, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tanzania, etc.  In addition, we feel grateful to the universities from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions,organizing students to participate in the job fairs. Thanks again to international schools from each unversity and college for their great support. Last but not least, we warmly welcome enterprises and public institutions to cooperate with us. Please feel free to contact us.

Karen Zheng:020-85584676         karenzheng@job168.com

Sophie Yun:020-85594076          yuncs@job168.com


About video job fair in OCS

The video job fair attracted nearly 110 overseas high-level talents, 75% of whom had got Ph.D. The percentage of person-post matching is above 85%. Furthermore, the convention will continue opening the O2O platform for job hunting. Overseas talents can send interview application to enterprises directly through scanning the following QR code by mobile phones.


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