2,000 projects brought to China through the OCS


The 2018 Convention on the Exchange of Overseas Talent and the 19th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (OCS) concluded successfully on December 22nd in Guangzhou.

The two-day convention that began Friday received an overwhelming response with about 4,000 overseas Chinese students and foreign talent participating, of which 70 percent hold a doctorate, according to a press release from the conference’s organizer. Coming from over 30 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States and nations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), these individuals brought 2,000 projects in a variety of areas including biomedicine, artificial intelligence, electronic information, new material, new energy and more. Nearly 80 percent are interested in the preferential talent-recruitment programs offered by China.

The online video recruitment branch venue of the 2018 OCS. In addition to the main venue in Guangzhou, the branch venues using video link were located in Silicon Valley and Singapore [Photo/ Keane, Newsgd.com]

The convention also saw Guangzhou’s efforts to reinvent itself as a global talent pool get underway as a package of new programs are set in motion. Delegations from CIS countries participated in 100 projects, reaching the stage of‘intention to cooperate’ on 18 projects with Guangzhou. The Belarusian National Academy of Sciences and Guangzhou’s Haizhu District signed a contract to build the Guangzhou Innovation Center.

The world-renowned innovation platform Plug and Play (PNP) is officially running its innovation center out of Guangzhou, bringing together many of the world’s startup and innovation resources.

Domestically, national high-level talent teams brought about 200 projects to the conference, 50% of which reached the stage of‘intention to cooperate’ during the 2 days of the conference. 29 projects were signed off, involving a registered capital of 500 million yuan. In addition, according to the organizer, about 400 delegations from universities, companies and governments of other provinces and cities in China proposed nearly 2,000 talent-recruitment programs with over 14,000 jobs on offer to overseas students and foreigners at the convention.