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Guangzhou promotes itself at World Cities Summit 2018



Guangzhou, known as the Millennium Business Capital, is promoting its modern city image at the World Cities Summit 2018, which will run in Singapore from July 8 to 12.


Themed "Livable & Sustainable Cities: Embracing the Future through Innovation and Collaboration", the 6th World Cities Summit 2018 will explore how cities can be more livable and resilient through better governance and planning, technology and social innovation, as well as through collaboration with various stakeholders in other cities. With shared vision and active engagement public and private sectors can co-create innovative and integrated urban solutions for a more sustainable future.


As the ninth promotional event for the "2018 Global Conversations between Guangzhou and the World", a major affair organized by the city featuring a range of overseas roadshows, this Singapore roadshow is intended to provide the world with a window on the achievements of China's reform and opening-up, and enable Guangzhou to exchange and share its urban management experience with other cities around the world.


Guangzhou is the forerunner of China's reform and opening-up while Singapore is the leader in the construction of a global smart city. Besides, the two are geographically close and culturally connected, and have sparked great achievements in terms of cooperation.


The Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, located in Huangpu district of Guangzhou, is one of the landmark projects for the intensive cooperation between China and Singapore. It is a model for Guangdong's economic transformation initiated jointly by Guangdong province and the Singapore government. In Nansha district, cooperation with Singapore has been long-standing.


The promotional event is also exploring new presentation formats such as two rounds of salon seminars at which representatives of government and enterprises from Huangpu and Nansha districts will share Guangzhou's stories with the world. Among the participants will be enterprising overseas returnees, female entrepreneurs in the urban planning and financial fields and top officials from leading Singaporean and other overseas companies.



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