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Zhuhai incubator liaises with Texas Medical Center



A Zhuhai incubator of startups in genetic and cell engineering, biomedical materials, biological information technology, biochip technology, and medical apparatuses has recently been set up in Texas in the Southwest USA.

The Zhuhai Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences is working with the Texas Medical Center to operate the incubator. It services startups and industrializes independent innovation. TMC, located in Houston, is the world’s largest medical complex.

The ZIAT CAS-Texas Medical Center utilizes American innovative resources and ZIAT technology to cultivate high-end projects. It intends to help transform and upgrade Zhuhai industries through the aggregation of professional skills, projects, talents, and service resources.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai CAS Medical Innovation & Technology, a ZIAT-incubated company, will cooperate with TMC to build a Large Animal Research Center. The third-party experimentation company specializes in the clinical research of large animals with the goal of developing innovative medical devices.

The newly established medical research center will assist in breaking R&D bottleneck while enhancing the competiveness and influence of Zhuhai innovative medical apparatus.


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