Zhuhai builds for more scientific high-quality innovation



The Three-Year Action Plan to Boost High-Quality Development Through Scientific & Technological Innovation (2018-20) was released by the city government on June 14. It lists 10 actions and 45 missions designed to turn Zhuhai into a national innovation-oriented city by 2020.

To achieve this, the city will build a "Made in China 2025" National Demonstration Zone, International Health Harbor, and Sci-Tech Innovation Small Town, the latter encompassing the villages of Lixi, Fuxi, and Nanxi in northern Qianshan in Xiangzhou District. Construction of Zhuhai Intelligent Industrial Park in Tangjiawan will also be accelerated.

With a modern industrial system, Zhuhai will introduce or incubate three to five unicorn companies, more than 1,800 High & New-Technology Enterprises, and 4,000 small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises by 2020. There will also be more than 10 leading enterprises and 100 backbone companies with a scale of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) and 1 billion yuan ($155.8 million) each.

Under the Zhuhai Talent Program, the city plans to bring in or cultivate 100 potent innovative entrepreneurial teams that grasp core technologies, as well as 200 entrepreneurial projects by high-caliber talents. Planned are 30 workstations for 750 PhDs and 50 for 100 post doctorates.

Another 50,000 college graduates and 10,000 postgraduates are expected, while 1,700 overseas returnees will start businesses in the city. The government will selectively support 1,600 outstanding youths in their respective domains and 60 official Zhuhai Craftsmen.

Envisioned are seven national key laboratories or their branches in support of scientific and technological innovation. Four international science and technology cooperation bases will also be set up within three years to promote relevant exchanges, according to the action plan.