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Association to promote development of Guangzhou's semiconductor industry



The semiconductor industry in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is looking to develop a coordinated industrial ecosystem following the establishment of the Guangzhou Semiconductor Industry Association on June 3.


From June 2 to 3, a session and a forum on semiconductors were held in the Guangzhou Development District, with attendants including experts, academics, investors, and government officials, exchanging their views on Guangzhou's semiconductor development in the global market and how the city's integrated circuit (IC) industry should make comprehensive arrangements.


The Guangzhou Semiconductor Industry Association was initiated by Guangzhou semiconductor company CanSemi and has 51 members including enterprises from Shenzhen and Foshan as well as universities and institutes from Guangzhou and Macao.


The association will be dedicated to training, communications, market evaluation, industry statistical surveys, and products accreditation for its members and will also serve as a link between enterprises and the government.


Guangzhou has attached great importance to the development of the IC industry and has rolled out a series of policies to boost it over the past few years. The industries of IC design, packaging and testing, semiconductor apparatus, and photoelectric devices have also seen great progress after years of efforts.


At the end of 2017, CanSemi settled in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City of Guangzhou Development District and as of today, the district has become home to 15 semiconductor-related enterprises, including 14 industrial projects and one 5-billion-yuan ($780 million) IC industrial fund.


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