5 things to avoid mentioning during interviews




You are invited for an interview and have prepared yourself to excel during the interview. You feel all confident and ready for the interview, but are you missing out on something? Have you prepared what not to say during the interview? Most candidates would have missed that, below are some of the things you should not say during your interview:


“Actually, I think I can’t do the job well”


During the interview, you should be pitching yourself to the interviewer about your skills and accomplishments. The last thing you want to do is leave the interviewer thinking that you are a mismatch to the position. If a certain job requirement is not something you are capable of, be truthful about it and let the interviewer know that you are confident of picking up the skill as you progress.


“Yes. Ok. No. Yes. Yes.”


You got the idea. Giving one word answer for every question is not going to get you hired. You need to share more about yourself with the interviewer. The purpose of an interview is for the interviewer to get more information about you for them to decide if you are suitable for the position. Elaborate your answers further to sell your strengths to the interviewers. This will increase your chances of getting the job.


“How much will my salary be?”


Salary might be the most important factor for a job, but you might want to ask about your pay after being offered the job. You should not bring it up unless you have been asked for your expected salary range. You wouldn’t want the interviewer to think that you are only interested in the money.


“My ex-boss was horrible”


Your ex-boss might be the main reason for your resignation from your previous job and there are a lot of bad grudges between you and your ex-boss. Do not share the unpleasant experience with the interviewer. It will seem like you are bad mouthing your ex-boss and your hiring company would think you will do likewise in future. If you are being asked about your opinions on your previous employer, use terms like “challenging” to describe your experience and how the previous employer helped you in your career growth.


“I have no questions.”


One of the commonly asked questions by the interviewer nearing the end of the interview is “Do you have any questions?” Show your eagerness by asking questions about the position or the company. One of the questions you can ask is “Can you share with me about the team I’ll be working with?” This will give you a better idea on the people you need to work with closely and also know what to expect when you are selected for the position.


During the interview, think carefully before you give a response to reflect positivity to the interviewer. Put your best foot forward and show genuine interest in the job and company.  


We hope this article can help you prepare for your interviews better and increase your chances of acing your dream job!