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Test your fit in the hospitality and tourism career with this quick self assessment




The global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach US$550 billion in 2016, from US$457 billion in 2011. Global occupancy rates in 2014 showed year-on-year growth, indicating increasing demand for the foreseeable future, with Europe and Asia Pacific leading with the highest occupancy rates. (Source: The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016 (Infographic)


These are exciting times for the hospitality and tourism industry, thanks to the booming development of mobile technology and the omnipresence of social media. If you’ve been considering a career in the industry but unsure if you’re cut out for it, find out with this quick and simple self assessment.


1. You don’t want a stuffy 9-to-5 job: TRUE or FALSE?


If the idea of routine and fixed working hours makes you want to stifle a huge yawn, then you will definitely enjoy the flexibility and dynamic nature of working in the hospitality industry. Not only will you have the option to work different shifts, you will also experience a fast-paced working environment with new challenges every day.           


2. You love meeting people: TRUE or FALSE?


One of the main perks of working in the hospitality industry is the opportunity to meet and socialise with people from different parts of the world on a daily basis. From regular tourists to travelling business people, from celebrities to royalty, you never know who’s going to walk through those revolving doors. If you’re a people person and you enjoy striking up conversations with strangers, you will thrive in this world.


3. Getting creative is second nature to you: TRUE or FALSE?


Some people are a natural when it comes to improvisation and creative thinking. In the world of hospitality and tourism, the main order of business is ensuring that the customer has a memorable experience. But unexpected problems can arise at any time, and though it might not be your fault, the first priority would be to resolve the problem. The quicker and more efficiently it can be done, the happier the customer will be.


4. You’re a millennial: TRUE or FALSE?


If you ARE a millennial, then you have even more reason to consider a career in this industry. According to The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016 (Infographic), “Millennials (those between 20 – 35 years of age) will surpass Baby Boomers as the core consumer market in 2017.” Given the importance of Millennials as a key target audience, being one gives you the advantage of first-hand knowledge and understanding of the customers’ needs and wants, interests and preferences. You’ll be able to put yourself in their shoes.


You’ll also likely be far more at ease with online marketing and mobile technology, which brings us to the next point.


5. Social media is your domain: TRUE or FALSE?


If you’re a Millennial, you will most likely be glued to your phone and social media platforms. Of course you don’t have to be a Millennial to be a social media addict, but if you’re an avid user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know how quickly positive (as well as negative) reviews can garner attention on social media. You’ll also have the right instincts and skills to create social media-worthy marketing and PR tactics to drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction.


6. Working in exotic locations sounds like a dream come true: TRUE or FALSE?


If travelling and working in exotic locations around the world is a dream of yours, then a career in hospitality and tourism could well be your path to realising that dream. There is an abundance of job opportunities all over the world in this industry. Once you have the right qualifications (depending on your chosen specialisation) and a few years of experience under your belt, you will find ample opportunities to spread your wings and work from wherever you choose.


There is seldom a boring work day in the world of hospitality and tourism, not to mention the fun social interactions and extensive perks of the industry. If you’ve checked most (or all) of the boxes above, perhaps it’s time for you to consider a career in this thriving industry.




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