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China welcomes more foreign scientists



Last year, China's public security department carried out multiple new immigration policies to make it easier for foreign scientists, scholars, company managers and investors to stay in China. Experts in the fields of innovation and technology are particularly welcome.


In Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park, which is known as "China's Silicon Valley," special express windows have been set up for high-level foreign talents to apply for Chinese permanent residency. The approval process has been shortened from 180 days or more to around 50 working days.


Zhongguancun granted 156 green cards in 2016, which accounted for about a third of Beijing's total.


"The applicants mainly come from industries that Zhongguancun particularly wants to develop," said Zhao Qing, commissioner of Zhongguancun's administrative committee. "For example, artificial intelligence, information technology, new material, biological medicine and big data."


Zhongguancun has also set up a points-based system to help those who have not yet met the green card criteria. Foreigners who score 70 points or above will receive a recommendation letter from Zhongguancun when applying for permanent residence. Evaluation criteria include education, work experiences, length of stay in China, as well as an assessment from an appraisal committee.


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