Sample Resume - Experienced New Grad


Resume Sample - New Grad

This resume sample is from an experienced new grad. Use this resume sample as a guide for writing your own resume.


James Shah
1255 University Avenue
Sacramento, CA -95825
(916) 555-1111
jshah@email dot com

To obtain a challenging internship/full time position in the field of 
Computer Science and Software Engineering.

M.S. in Computer Science, California State University, Sacramento, CA, USA GPA- 3.7/4.0
B.E in Computer Engineering, C.U.Shah Engineering College, India GPA-3.8/4.0


Skills Inventory
Programming Languages: BASIC, C, C++, VB6.0, PROLOG, COBOL, VC++, 
Communication/Network Protocols : TCP/IP, Mobile IP, VoIP, 802.11
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 server, HP-UX ,Mainframe
Database: Oracle 8i, SQL, MS Access 2000, FoxPro, Microsoft SQL server 2000, MySql server 5.0, DB2

Intern Data Analyst, May 06-sep 06, Vision Service Plan (VSP):
Migration of Metadata web site:


Phase 1: Move the Old Web Site to new IIS server: Since the Metadata web site was running on old IIS box, we were facing the speed and crashing issues everyday. So the first phase of this project was to move the current structure of Metadata web site which is ASP pages and MS Access Database to new server.


Phase 2: Migrate the Database from Access to DB2: Due to the business need and reliability issues, Data base of Metadata was migrated from Access Data base to DB2 Database.

I was responsible for designing the new database schema, conversion of all the queries into the DB2 compatible format, as well as change the ASP code to fetch correct data using DB2 database.


Phase 3: Change the Front end: To make the Metadata web site more user friendly, I have re design all the ASP pages and added some extra facilities which can help the user to find information easily.


The new front end is more organized and meets all the standards of VSP intranet.



Data mart design and implementation for Engineering Dept of CSUS (M.S. Project): To maintain the quality education of CSUS, design the web site and accept the feed back from the users i.e. faculty, students and workers about the quality of education, current majors offered by CSUS, Courses offered, Lab facilities as well as the education level of faculty members using ASP.NET and store that data into data mart using OLAP facilities of Analysis Manager of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and generate useful reports using Pivot tables of MS Excel. The current statistics are on MS Access 2000.


Data link layer: Designed and implemented a data link layer services using UNIX and C – Socket utilities. The Project provides all the functionalities of the data link layer like flow control, error control using CRC-16 protocol, piggybacking, and compression using algorithm at client and server.


Execution of the Instruction Using Pipelining: Using Hardware Language, Verilog, implement the 5 stages of the pipeline with nop as a detection and correction of the data hazard between multiple instructions, which are executing simultaneously in the pipelining and also generate the corresponding control signal using hardwired and microcode logic.


Voice Recognition: Software that can recognize the voice identifies the pitch of the tone and makes a graph of the comparison, and telephony application to record your messages. Online Hotel Booking: Developing a 3-tier application for hotel booking using J2EE, JSP, JDBC, My SQL Server 4.1 and HTML, Tomcat Server.


Design basic Compiler Utilities Using SML: For a given source code and gral’s grammar definition, provide parsing which can convert the given source code into abstract syntax, provide static semantic to validate the given code, provide dynamic semantic to generate the desirable result for given source code.


Solve problem definition using various Algorithms: Develop various Algorithms such as Divide and Conquer, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Branch and Bound to solve given problem.


Design SRS for Iguana Vision Inc.: As a part of SDLC, Design the SRS document to specify the functional and non-functional requirements as they pertain to the intended product to be designed by Iguana Vision, Inc for Single Medical Provider Franchise. The scope of this document is to describe the proposed inputs, outputs, problems, proposed logical & technical solutions to those problems and project management aspects which can help to take design, development and validation related decisions. Here Client wishes to expand their medical practice by providing a single provider franchise license with turn key software to manage the business. One key portion of business management is the scheduling and management of client appointments for different types of services using Use case diagram, ERD, Data Dictionary, Class Diagram and UML modeling.


Relevant Courses:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Programming Language Principles
  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • Database Design
  • Data Model &Data Management System
  • Data warehousing and Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunication Network Management
  • Algorithm and Paradigms
  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Mining and Data warehouse


Honors & Activities

Presented a National Level Paper on “Hacking” at C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Surendranagar, India.

Lead the Technical Committee in and organized Technophile State level symposium.


PROFILE: Sincere, hardworking, self-motivated, excellent written & oral communications skills, quick-learner, team-player, able to adapt to new work environments & situations, possesses responsible leadership qualities.