To Pass a Personality Test, Use Your Professional Persona
Ask yourself, "How has my experience as a professional taught me to think and respond to this situation?"(GETTY IMAGES) MANY ABSTRACT FORCES influence who succeeds and who fails in the hiring process. But there'...Read more
You Were Qualified for a Job But Not Hired. Why? The applicant looked great on paper. A fresh college graduate, he had strong skills, a good attitude and the right education and experience. But success in...Read more
Common Job Interview Questions and Answers Before heading into a job interview, it's essential to prepare to answer a range of common interview questions.   While you can't anticipate – or memorize – the responses to e...Read more
The Purpose of Phone Interviews for Tech Jobs
Source: The telephone interview is often used as an initial candidate screening method. Typically, candidates who "pass" the phone interview portion are offered a face-to-face interview. ...Read more
Tips for Behavior Based Interviewing Behavioral Interviewing - Tips for Candidates   Behavioral interviewing (or behavioral event interviewing, BEI) is a standardized method of interviewing designed to m...Read more
Generation Z: Are You Ready to Get Your First Job? To all the recent graduates – congratulations! Graduating from college comes with a whole host of emotions: excitement about finishing school, sadness over leaving your friends and certainly apprehe...Read more
How to Ace a Lunch Interview
Source: If a prospective employer you're interviewing with invites you for a lunch interview, congratulations! This typically indicates you're nearing the end of the interview process. Or sometimes it ...Read more
10 Mistakes to Avoid on a Thank-You Email
Source: You aced your job interview and you're already envisioning yourself settling into your desk on your first day of work. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, remember to compose a thank-...Read more
These Common Reference Myths Are Hurting Your Job Search
Source:   In the job search process, everyone recognizes the importance of having an up-to-date resume, a great cover letter and a professional LinkedIn profile page. While much time and effort is (and should ...Read more
Here's the 1 Trait Hiring Managers Seek Most If you're looking for a job and wondering how to stand out in a sea of applicants, this statistic may help you step up your interview game.   According to data provided by the ...Read more
Tips for Making the Most of an Internal Job Referral
Source: Savvy job seekers know that leveraging their network of contacts is a proven method for landing a new role. The need to use your network increases in importance with every year of experience –...Read more
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