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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
Alex Au female 40 Bachelor Business English Guangdong University of Technology
Howard Wong male 34 Bachelor English Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Tom male 44 Bachelor computer Jilin Institute of Education
Christine Liu female 36 Associate English Central South University
Helen Ding female 34 Bachelor Business English / Japanese JiangXi City college
Zou Chun Fang female 33 Associate Computer Network Technology Mao Ming College
Miss. B female 49 Technical secondary school English Language Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Jady Xie female 30 Bachelor Computer Application / Graphic design Hunan Institute of Technology
Liu Zhenglong male 55 Master Business Administration The University of Waikato
Miss. L female 45 Bachelor Accountant / English Jinan University
Angus Zhang male 37 Associate Business English Guangzhou JinQiao Institute of Administration
William Wu male 37 Bachelor Mechanical Engineering & Automatization Wuyi University
ye.ming male 37 Bachelor Finanicial management zhong kai agriculture technical college
weilinxu male 47 Master MBA University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Jinwen Yuan female 39 Bachelor Accounting Beijing Material College
junsong wang male 36 Associate Budget engineer / construction cost engineer hunan university of technology and engineering
Andrew Leung male 32 Associate Business English Guangdong University of Finance
Jiang Jinhuan female 32 Bachelor Pharmacy Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
Yin Lanfang female 36 Bachelor English / Japanese Hunan University of Science and Technology
Miss. V female 30 Associate Business english Guangzhou Radio and television university Huadu branch

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