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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
Mr. H male 41 Bachelor Finance Beijing  Industry and Commerce  University
Tom male 45 Bachelor computer Jilin Institute of Education
weixianhuang male 41 Bachelor Industrial Automation Guangdong University of Technology
Gary Tam male 39 Associate English Guangdong Nanda college
ye.ming male 38 Bachelor Finanicial management zhong kai agriculture technical college
VISEN male 42 Bachelor computer using / accounting CHANGCHUN tax university
Jiao Liting female 41 Bachelor Matematics Guangzhou University
HE SI XIN female 29 Bachelor Human resource managment Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology
Arnold Xu male 27 Bachelor Arabic Language and Literature Beijing Language and Culture University
weilinxu male 48 Master MBA University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Jessica female 40 Master Business Management UK OPEN UNIVERSITY
Mr. T male 35 Associate Business English Guangdong Vocational Colleage of Industry and Commerce
Ye Ning female 36 Bachelor english / computer Guangzhou university
林泽明 male 54 Bachelor Woodworking machine Specialty / Electric Automation Beijing Forest University
Mr. G male 28 Bachelor clinical medicine Guilin Medical University
Justin Liang male 38 Bachelor material science and technology Nanjing university of science and technology
Kevin xie male 42 Master Economic management / Human Resources Management Hunan agricultural University
Chen Xuhong male 27 Master Management Ulster University
Ken Tian male 40 Associate Finance&Computer Jilin University

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