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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
Guanghua MA male 41 Bachelor Plant Protection South China Agricultural University
Mr. G male 25 High School High School St. Martin's Episcopal School
Nancy Liu female 32 Bachelor Bachelor cheng college of China University of Geoscience
Ye Ning female 36 Associate english / computer Guangzhou university
ShengTingLi male 38 Bachelor Administrative Management / Jurisprudence ShenYang University Of Technology
huangqiuyu female 31 Associate network / computer Guangdong institute of Science and technology
Mr. Z male 34 Bachelor Communication Engineering Guangzhou University
emma chan female 33 Associate english Jinan university
ZhangJingjing female 36 Associate Bussinesss English Zhengzhou Railway Professional & Technical College
Jiabin Zhang male 34 Bachelor Communication Engineering Guangzhou University

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