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Resume number: 612936902 Updating date: 2021-01-11 09:39:01 photo
Name: Miss. Newway Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Height/Weight: 159 cm45 kg
Marital Status: Single Age: 39 years
Career Objective
Application type:
Preferred job title: : Sale manager 、 : 、 :
Working life: 14 Title:
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a week
Expected salary: ¥10000~¥11999 Preferred working place:
Work experience
Company's name:Foshan Ladida baby product CO.Begin and end date: 2018-05-2019-02
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Sale supervisor 
Job description: 1. Set up team goals and detailed goal decomposition;
2. Build and manage a team, set up a complete team training system and team training plan;
3. Useing the platform provided by the company, lead the team to develop customers and expand the market;
4. Set up customer maintenance management system;
5. Responsible for the daily management of the department and inspire the team morale;
6. Set up a data analysis model, continue to analyze the industry and products, and report intelligence information to the company in a timely manner;
7. Lay stress on team building, cultivate spirit of  transcendence and excellent execution ability, accomplish goals beyond excellence;
8. Responsible for the results of the entire department; 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Foshan Ladida baby product Co.,Begin and end date: 2006-04-2017-11
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Region sale manager  
Job description: 1. Responsible for market development, planning and the related work.
2. Timely grasp of domestic and international market dynamics, analyze market tendencies.  Formulate the guidelines, strategies and work program for market development, organize execution after them approved by my boss.
3.  Organize sale team and set up team target, assign tasks, lead the team make full use of the company's existing resources to develop the market, achieve sale target.  
4.  Assign staff to tie up with the customers and maintain the relationship with them, supply nice after-sale service.  
5. Strengthen team building and management, make the sale team with clear mind and target, keep solidarity, struggle together,   pursue excellence. 
Reasons for leaving: challenging myself in new field 
Educational Background
Name of School: GuangXi Nationalities University
Highest Degree: Date of Graduation: 2006-07-01
Name of Major 1: Vietnamese Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Language Ability
Foreign Language: Level:
Chinese level: Cantonese Level:
Relevant skills and abilities
  With many years of sale experience, proficient in operating procedures of international trade; with operating experience on Alibaba and Made-in-China e-commerce platforms;Good at Vietnamese and English; capable of exhibitions organization; knowledgeable and proficient in business etiquette;
Being prudent, tenacious, earnest and responsible; enthusiastic, graceful and hospitable;With keen insight, quickly capture customer needs and ideas, good at maintaining customer relationships, with strong business feeling and competency of market development; have strong learning ability, focus on self-improvement and team building; with ability of organization, coordination and Leadership, good at team motivation and management; have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, be a self-starter that always pursue excellence,dare to innovate and challenge.
Self-recommendation letter
  My name is Linda, I am the grad of GuangXi Nationalities University.My major is Vietnamese with BA degree; After graduation, I worked in international market department of one listed company for more than 10 years, work excellent as a sale manager.However, I wanted to challenge myself in a new field and contact new corporate culture and new working environment, so I left and worked in a baby and child product company. After I started working, I knew about that this company was building a  new factory in another city, they would move to there in the near future . It is far away my home, so I can’t settle down in there, so I returned to my hometown to integrate resources and invested in a small business with my family and friends. The current business is stable and my friends  are taking care of it,and I'm planning to look for a stable jobs and settle down.

Some years of performance are as follows:
In 2014, my team with 2 staffs, the team annual target: 5.2 million US dollars, my team achievement: 8.9 million US dollars; the team completed the company's annual target of 171%;

In 2015, my team with 3 staffs, the  team annual target:  10 million US dollars, my team achievement: 12 million US dollars,  completed 120% of the company 's annual target;

In 2016, my team with six staffs ,  the team annual target: 10 million US dollars, my team achievement of 20 million US dollars, the team completed the company's annual target of 200%.

In 2017(up to Nov.), my team with six staffs , the team annual target: 28 million US dollars,  my team achievement of 32 million US dollars.

The great birds find a well tree to rest and well-knowledge people will not work for the one who does not know treasure. Now I feel so lucky to know that your company in the recruitment, I was attracted by your company's reputation and good working environment, with admiration to your company, I recommend myself to you, I sincerely hope that I am able to join your company and hope your company can give me a chance, let me to be one of yours, and continue to struggle with you,work together to create greater glories.

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