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Resume number: 513962902 Updating date: 2020-11-17 23:23:16 photo
Name: Mr. Bill Zhou Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Zengcheng Height/Weight: 170 cm64 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 39 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Lawyer / Legal Adviser: GM assistant 、 : 、 :
Working life: 17 Title: Middle title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In three days
Expected salary: ¥20000~¥999999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Foshan Dongguan
Work experience
Company's name:Baiyun Cleaning tools GroupBegin and end date: 2010-07-2012-10
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry
Job Title: assistant to the presedent 
Job description: In charge of administrative affairs, human resources center. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Huali college, Guangdong University of IndustryBegin and end date: 2008-08-2010-06
Enterprise nature:Social groupIndustry: Education/Training/Universities
Job Title: Juristic teacher 
Job description:  
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:ShengJia EVA Plastic Co.,Ltd, DongguanBegin and end date: 2003-07-2005-08
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: secretary to the GM 
Job description:  
Reasons for leaving: For graduate study 
Educational Background
Name of School: Xiangtan University
Highest Degree: Master Date of Graduation: 2008-06-01
Name of Major 1: International relationship Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1999-092003-06Central South UnversityEnglishB/A
2005-092008-06Xiangtan UniversityInternational RelationsML
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: excellent
Chinese level: excellent Cantonese Level: normal
Relevant skills and abilities
  with lawyers's licence , expertedly prevent &deal with juristic problems; strong sense of  responsibility and enterprises: write a monograph of “how to be a successful administrative manager of the group” after being the administrative manager for only 6 months, accompany the goal of who/how to do the daily affairs of the department, and how to evaluate the employees’ achievements.
   Furthermore, enough knowledge in such fields as international trade, literature, history, psychology and so forth, addition with the eloquence got in the university, can successfully deal with people of any kind.
Self-recommendation letter

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