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Resume number: 442693602 Updating date: 2020-03-25 20:23:30 photo
Name: Mr. Davidzhang Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Guangzhou Height/Weight: 175 cm80 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 43 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: CEO/COO/President/GM: Plant Manager 、 Factory manager/Factory Director: Production Manager 、 Production Director/Manager/Workshop Director:
Working life: 20 Title: Senior title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a week
Expected salary: above ¥20000 Preferred working place: Guangdong province Hubei
Work experience
Company's name:DONGGUAN FOLUNGWIN AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Begin and end date: 2014-11-2017-05
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Mechanics/Electrical Equipment/Heavy Industry
Job Title: Executive vice president 
Job description: Work specification:
In full charge of the organization of production operation, responsible for planning and establishing modern plant system, realized the operating goals of the company, and enhanced the industrial competitiveness of the company.

Job description:
1.Assisted the general manager in making strategic plans, operation plans and business development plans for the company;
2.Organized all functional departments to decompose the business plans and goals of the company, and formulated corresponding expansion plans according to the practical conditions and business plans of the company;
3.Responsible for promoting, monitoring and examining the results of plan implementation in the company, and adjusted the work plans of corresponding departments according to the practical conditions and operation plans;
4.Responsible for integrating and sharing the customer information resources of the market, sales and customer service departments, tracking the customer demands in real time, providing corresponding products and services, enhancing the customer satisfaction and loyalty, so as to attract more customers and maximize the profits of the company;
5.Responsible for organizing the development, assessment and selection of suppliers, establishing a qualified supplier base, ensuring that the purchase department finished the purchase work by executing the guidelines of “timeliness, quality guaranteeing and low cost”;
6.Responsible for sorting out, perfecting and optimizing the existing flows of the company, guaranteeing the orderly operation and effective control of all kinds of work in the company, and taking the efficiency and risk prevention into account;
7.Responsible for evaluating the efficiency of the company correctly, perfecting the setting of efficiency improvement agencies, applying the target management to perfect the efficiency assessment method and skills, establishing an efficiency incentive system, and boosting the efficiency of the entire company;
8.Perfected the safety management system of the company, executed the guideline of “safe production, prevention fist, and all staff participation”, kept improving the ideological understanding of all staff, implemented all safety management measures, and guaranteed the normal production and operation orders;
9.Improved the quality management system of the company and construction of the quality control organization, improved the quality consciousness of all staff, lowered the overall production cost and perfected the sense of satisfaction and loyalty of customers;
10.Responsible for the talent reserve, education, arrangements, skill enhancement and assessment, and guaranteed that the team construction could meet the mid-and-long term development demands of the company;

Work performance:
1.Reduced the assembly time of the PV silicon printing production line (double whole lines) to 8 days/line from the original 15 days/line through the improvement of assembly technology/tools, standardization, and staff skill training, etc. which improved the efficiency by 47%;
2.Saved RMB 3.25 million Yuan for the company each year through the process optimization and technology improvement;
3.Reduced the purchase cost by more than RMB 10 million Yuan through the establishment of a qualified supplier base and perfection of the purcahse system, and the delivery timeliness of purchased parts had been improved evidently;
4.Improved the first-pass yield of products (counted by the number of shipment) to above 99.5% from the original 90% through the quality control of suppliers, implementation of incoming inspection standards, technology optimization of assembly, increasing control force of process, and implementation of outgoing quality control standards. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:GLOBAL POINT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Begin and end date: 2010-09-2014-11
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: plant manager 
Job description: Work specification:
In charge of such departments as the engineering, PMC, purchase, warehouse, production (injection molding, metal plate, machining, welding, electroplating, coating, assembly workshops), quality, etc. and made sure that all departments governed could finish the goals smoothly.

Job description:
1.Manage all resources to improve quality, delivery & profitability;
2.Performance coaching (Training) define responsibilities and expectations of Subordinates including Motivation for increased results;
3.Develop Leaders throughout the plant.
4.Be involved with projects with regards to status, issues, customer expectations and requirements.
5.Optimize all equipment and assess it’s utilization ;
6.Assist in Quoting and project management.
7.Leads staff meetings.
8.Joins and participates with conference calls with customer.
9.Provides reports to GM as needed.
10.Take quick action when issues arise and executes solutions.
11.Drives documentation for actions taken.
12.Prompts TS16949 procedures.

Work performance:
1.Led the fulfillment of several tough projects left by the previous manager through the data acquisition and computer simulation technology (such as the 9040964 project of Magna; 278-85/86 of ITT, etc.);
2.Led the introduction of new laser welding technology successfully through the visit and study in Magna (from the layout planning, fixture design, independent department of the automatic checkout equipment, to the structure and function improvement and production optimization of the auxiliary equipment, etc.);
3.Assisted with the preparation of Suzhou branch company smoothly (the new company passed the ISO/TS16949-2008 examination smoothly, and obtained the authentication);
4.Introduced the KPI performance management system and lean production management mode to the new company smoothly. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:DONG GUAN AN YU ELECTRON PRODUCTS CO., LTD.Begin and end date: 2004-05-2010-09
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: Production supervisor / manager 
Job description: Work specification:
Controlled and coordinated the staff management and all production activities of such workshops as the molding, injection molding, hardware ramming, coating (paint spraying/drying, silk-screen), assembly, etc.

Job description:
1. Convened the department regular meeting, promoted the guidelines and systems of the department and company, and pushed forward the implementation of all rules and regulations of the company;
2. Responsible for the implementation of production plans, tracking, coordination, and solution to problems in the production, analyzed the reasons and took countermeasures;
3. Emergency treatment plans: dealt with the abnormal conditions in the production site in time, and tracked the treatment results;
4. Made plans and solutions to the improvement of production site, technology and environment;
5. Responsible for the proper use and management of all mechanical equipment, frock, model and equipment (establishment of operation guidance and management regulations);
6. Assisted in making business orders and developing new products of the project department;
7. Staff management, training and cultivation (goal setting, assessment, and the establishment and implementation of the incentive system), established a good relationship with staff, coordinated the relationship between staff and the management layer, and mobilized the enthusiasm of staff;
8. Summarized the daily work, drafted the weekly and monthly plans and convened the department management summary conference;
9. Workshop 6s inspection, checked the daily statements, and confirmed the authenticity of tables;

Work performance:
1. Improved the productivity of the electric hair drier to 20K sets/day from the original 13 K sets/day through the technology optimization;
2. Reused 800 sets of old formworks through the standardization of design for mold core appearance standard (saving more than 3 million Yuan of framework purchase cost for the company);
3. Reduced 8 employees each day by introducing numerical control nut implantation machine production line, improved the productivity by 20% for the assembly workshop; improved the quality effect of products by introducing 100000-level dust-free automatic fuel injection line and increased the mean pass rate from the original 65% to the present 95% for the injection workshop;
4. Improved the quality pass rate of the hair divider (the only type in the company) from 65% to above 92% by optimizing the injection technology parameters for the injection molding workshop. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:FORE TECH Optical Co., Ltd.Begin and end date: 1999-07-2004-05
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Computer Service(System, Data, Maintenance)
Job Title: Project engineer 
Job description: Work specification:
Responsible for the introduction of client drawings, mold design, fixture design, sample test and presentation, sample quality confirmation and treatment of volume production problems.

Job description:
1. Responsible for evaluating the client drawings and making related DFM, discussing with clients and deciding the plans;
2. Participated in making design plans for the injection mold and stamping die, made project development schedule, and tracked the progress of project;
3. Organized and participated in the inspection of design structures of all mold technology equipment, cooperated to resolve the technical and quality problems encountered in the mold manufacturing site, organized and participated in the mold testing to ensure the smooth acceptance of mold;
4. Cooperated with the purchasing staff, tracked the material purchase progress, clarified the quality requirements of materials, and responsible for the sample confirmation and production part approval;
5. Appraised the full-size and complete functional tests of samples, responsible for the approval of the sample production, trial production and process verification, production approval and batch production;
6. Responsible for the collection and analysis of problems in the trial production, formulation of improvement measures and implementation supervision;
7. Responsible for the compilation of project control plan, quality documents required by clients (like FMEA, PPAP) and reported to the superior for approval;
8. During the product development process, as the technical interface of the clients, tracked the clients’ recognition of products, conducted cause analysis of the client complaints, made and implemented corrective measures;
9. Organization and implementation of project changes, submitted the cost related to the project changes;
10. Responsible for the formulation of production standard documents and capacity and load analysis (like SOP/ SIP/ BOM/ Standard working hours);
11. Supervised the operation standard execution process;
12. Summarized the mass production experience, and put forward the goal of productivity and quality improvement (production statistics analysis and confirmation of improvement goals)

Work performance:
1. With abundant experience in new product commissioning and introduction, as well as the technical support for production;
2. Finished the tasks in time and with good quality, according to the requirements of clients, had never received complaints from clients even after the machines were put into operation. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Educational Background
Name of School: Drucker International Business College
Highest Degree: Master Date of Graduation: 2017-12-01
Name of Major 1: Master of Business Administration Name of Major 2: Material Science & Engineering 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1995-091999-07ADULT EDUCATON SCHOOL OF HU BEI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYMaterial Science & EngineeringGraduation Certificate
2004-052004-06Dongguan An Yu Electron Products Co., Ltd industrial safety training
2004-052004-06Dongguan An Yu Electron Products Co., Ltd industrial safety training
2004-062004-07Dongguan An Yu Electron Products Co., LtdTPM training
2004-072004-08Dongguan An Yu Electron Products Co., Ltd production site 6S training
2005-082005-09Dongguan An Yu Electron Products Co., Ltd JIT lean production training
2016-052017-12Drucker International Business CollegeMaster of Business Administration
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Chinese level: good Cantonese Level: normal
Relevant skills and abilities
  1. Professional technology
1.1. Grasp the manufacturing technology of mold, pressure casting, injection molding, extrusion, stamping, machining (grinding and milling, CNC), laser cutting/welding, epoxy packaging, painting (electroplating / sputtering coating, paint drying / oil injection, silk screen / pad printing), soft printing, die cutting, laser carving, assembling, etc. and cause analysis of bad products;
1.2. Good at making plans for the automation of production process.

2. Management skills
Attended the study and training of courses, including the JIT (lean production), KPI (key index performance management), IE seven tools, PDCA Management cycle, TPM (total preventive maintenance), ISO/Ts16949:2002, 6S, QC seven tools, etc. and applied what is leant in enterprise successfully, with good results;

3. Team management
   Mobilize the enthusiasm of team members with the team cultural construction guidelines “full display of talents, exertion of full potential, pulling heads together, drawing on each other’s strength, common development and common progress”, and effective supporting incentive system, help team members to set up the life concept of “realizing the self-value” to improve the work efficiency of the team.

4. Cost management
4.1 Good at reducing the management cost and purchase cost by optimizing the flow system;
4.2 Good at reducing the production cost and improving the product quality with IE thinking and tools;
4.3 Good at improving the productivity and product quality with automatic manufacturing technology;

5. Quality management
Gained abundant quality management experience from Taiwan-funded and U.S.-funded enterprises, with systematic quality concept and management measures. with full experience in the supplier quality control, incoming inspection, process control, outgoing quality control, quality engineering and ISO system management.  

6. Safe production
With strong consciousness of “safe production and prevention first” and risk prevention. There have never been major safety incidents or management accidents in the company where I worked.
Self-recommendation letter
  With 18 years of work experience in large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, including five years of experience as the project engineering/technology engineer; 14 years of experience as director/manager or above; and 5 years of experience in U.S.-funded enterprise, also with the experience of visit and study in Magna.

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