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Resume number: 382760602 Updating date: 2021-06-16 15:51:37 no photo
Name: Mr. W Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Guangzhou Height/Weight: 167 cm69 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 58 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Accountant: Accountant 、 Finance/Audit/Tax: Chief Auditor 、 :
Working life: 30 Title: Senior title
Job type: Both Expected Start date: In a week
Expected salary: ¥8000~¥9999 Preferred working place: Guangdong province
Work experience
Company's name:  Huiyi Motor Sale & Service Co. Ltd.Begin and end date: 2019-01-2020-09
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: an Accountant. 
Job description: Jan.2019-Dec.2020,worked in Huiyi Motor Sale & Service Co. Ltd.,as an Accountant. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Educational Background
Name of School: Jinan University
Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 1990-07-01
Name of Major 1: Accounting Name of Major 2: Commercial Enterprise Management  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1986-091990-07Jinan UniversityAccountingCertificate
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Chinese level: normal Cantonese Level: perfect
Relevant skills and abilities
  1. Be proficient in foreign & domestic enterprise operation procedure and links in the circulation of commodities, and is capable of setting up & plan all accounts independently;
2. Be familiar with financial & capital management and operating funds, to plan as a whole capital demand, to circulate necessary funds, and to make budget, cost accounting, control payment, and update the system of  setting shares, property & right mortgaging, and assets management, and to make the regulation, standard and control method;
3. Understand to evaluating  risk, carry out, following and control of important investing items, and setting up system and operation procedure, be familiar interior auditing, and have some experience in enterprise purchasing, annexing, setting apart, and selling, and setting share reform before into stock exchange (three new board & IPO);
4. Can carry out financial research, analysis, plotting sale, and economic contract;
5. Understand economy laws, Securities law,Company law, tax laws and accounting standards & regulations of Cor., and knowledge of avoiding tax;
6. Excellent in PC skill, and know software MS-Office, and computer accounting system, and internet, and data bases;
7. Good ability of communicating with people(include bankers, securities traders, capital funds, tax department, Industry and Commerce Administration Department );
8. Can write and speak Chinese (Putonghua & Cantonese) fluently.Be very capable to operating, and set to work very well.

Self-recommendation letter
Name: Wan Himan              Sex: Male           Age: 58                    Nation: The Hans                  
Education: University graduated            Qualification: SQPA & SChFP              Driving License:C1
Marriage: Have Married           State of Health: Well           Identify card No.:440103196212250000
Register: Caihong Street, Liwan District, G.Z.              Native Place: Wanshi District, Shongjiang Town, Nanhai ,G.D.
Address: No.** Green Mountain blue sky Garden, South China country Garden, Panyu District, G.Z.
Postcode:511442             Contract Tel: Mobile:13332883609           Wechat :wan13332883609

Educational Background:
a. Sep. 1983-Nov. 1986, had finished all courses of Commercial Enterprise Management and Administration, Economy, in Guangzhou Broadcasting and Television University;
b. Sep.1986-Jul.1990,had completed all courses of Accounting, in Jinan University.

Public affairs:
1.  The Guangdong Professional Manager Association, be the Chief CFP, the Investment M&R Center of Association.;

Working experience: ( From the near to the distant )
1. Jan.2019-Jan.2021,worked in Huiyi Motor Sale & Service Co. Ltd.,as an Accountant.
2. Mar.2016-Dec.2018, worked in Zhongzhongyi (G.X.) Accounting Firm Co. Ltd., as a Sr. Project Manager.
3. May.2010-Feb.2016, worked in G.X. Ganglong Environmental protection Leather Town (Holding) Co. Ltd., as a Chief Accountant;
4. Apr.2006-Apr.2010,worked in Ariton (China) Mechanic Electronic Equipment Group Co. Ltd., as a Chief Accountant ;.
5. Jul.2003-Mar.2006,worked in G.Z. Shangxin Reinforce & Construction Co. Ltd., as a Chief Accountant;
6. Apr.2000-Jun.2003, worked in T.W. Yuyuan Manufacture & Industrial Groups, as an Accountant Officer of G.Z. Poujin Sports Co. Ltd. and was promoted as Deputy Manager of Financial & Administration.
7.  Apr.1995-Mar.2000, worked in G.Z. branch office of Shangwen Accountant Affairs Office H.K., as an Items of Auditing Officer ;
8. Aug.1990-Mar.1995,worked in Panyu Lafe Industrial Park, H.K., Lafe Groups Co., as an Accounting Officer, and was promoted as an Accounting Senior Officer;

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