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Resume number: 302755902 Updating date: 2020-10-31 12:02:10 photo
Name: Mr. Jian Wen Li Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Zengcheng Height/Weight: 160 cm50 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 52 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Production Director/Manager/Workshop Director: Superior or Dept manager 、 QA/QC: Superior or Dept manager 、 Purchasing Director/Manager/Supervisor: Superior or Dept manager
Working life: 28 Title: Senior title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In two weeks
Expected salary: ¥12000~¥19999 Preferred working place: Guangdong province Hainan No preference
Work experience
Company's name:Taly Plastic Extrusion Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 2010-01-2013-01
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Wholesale and Retail
Job Title: Production line manager 
Job description: production line,people prepare according to production schedule and order;setting down maintenance plan for machine and equipment;5S;production safety;communicating work plan and produce progress with other relevant department,etc. 
Reasons for leaving: seeking for challenge 
Company's name:JingMei PanYu Plastic and Metal Products Ltd.Begin and end date: 2001-02-2009-10
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry:
Job Title: Quality Engineer,Purchasing Engineer,Senior Engineer 
Job description: Compiling quality document for products;Sourcing materials;Quality controlling and management. 
Reasons for leaving: Challenging myself 
Company's name:GaoFeng GuangDong Textile Co. Ltd.Begin and end date: 1999-05-2001-01
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: Quality Engineer 
Job description: Quality controlling,Training for worker,Technics checking 
Reasons for leaving: Seeking for better opportunity 
Company's name:YiLi ShenZhen  Electron FactoryBegin and end date: 1999-02-1999-03
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Communication/Telecom Operation﹑VAS
Job Title: Supervisor of production 
Job description: Arrangement for production and station of employee 
Reasons for leaving: Private thing of home 
Company's name:HongJiang Textile Industry of HuNan provinceBegin and end date: 1991-07-1998-12
Enterprise nature:State-owned enterprisesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: QC﹑Technician﹑Assistance Engineer﹑Sales 
Job description: Quality checking,Training for worker,management on equipment servicing,saling products. 
Reasons for leaving: Reformation of regulation of nation 
Educational Background
Name of School: Textile Technical College of Hunan Province
Highest Degree: Associate Date of Graduation: 1991-07-01
Name of Major 1: Machinery Fabrication Engineering Name of Major 2: Building 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1988-091991-07Textile Technical College of Hunan ProvinceTextileGraduated0911308
2001-072001-08HKPC Hong Kong Productivity PartnerISO9001:2000Certificate of Quality181812
2002-052002-06HKPCSPC/CpkCertificate of Quality210753
2002-072002-08HKPCMSACertificate of Quality210723
2003-092003-10HKPCQS9000/TS16949Certificate of Quality
2004-102004-11Guangzhou Office of MoenSL face and colorCertificate of Quality
2005-052005-06Dongguan Daxing Lijing Enterprise Mangement academePerforming personal mangement skill and
2010-032010-04Huanan Molding Technology consultant Co LTDTen ways to indecrease humans for moldin
2011-112011-12Zhongshan Challenger Outdoors Expanding Training BaseElevating team performace and Stocktakin
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: good
Relevant skills and abilities
   1. Owning abundant experiences in society & works. Especially in quality control,I know the processes of operation for TQC(Total Quality Control)﹑ISO9000:94﹑ ISO9001:2000﹑QS9000 and T/S16949 system.
 2. Can use office softwares on computer,e.g. AutoCAD,Word,Excel,Powerpoint etc.
 3. During past works,I have been trained many times by consultant companies and external organizations. For example,
    Training of holding by consultant companies: TQC, Using of office softwares on computer,  How to reduce producting cost,7 methods about QC, Plastic tooling  structure & molding analysis,Processing technology on plating,etc.
    Training of holding by external organizations(say HKPC): ISO9000:94, ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS16949, MSA, SPC/Cpk﹐PFMEA, APQP,etc.    
    Training of holding by customer: PPAP, 8-D,etc.
 4. Directly joined in the foundation of ISO9001:2000 quality system for JingMei SuZhou (JiangSu Province of China)Plastic and Metal Products Ltd from march to september 2006,which is a new plant of JingMei Group Company,and earned the certification of DNV in Shanghai on october that year.
 5. I have excellent team spirit and organizing ability; and i am also good at communicating and cooperating others with any thing.
 6. Personal english foundation is better;can read ,translate and write some relevant original informations in english.
Self-recommendation letter
Job Aspiration
 Work Function: Quality management Title:  Supervisor or more
       Production management Title: Supervisor or more
       Purchasing   Title: Engineer or more
 Salary(monthly):  more than ¥15000(RMB) Work area: accept anywhere

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