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Personal Details
Resume number: 289239802 Updating date: 2020-04-18 18:48:15 photo
Name: Mr. Nengwen He Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Height/Weight: 167 cm£ 64 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 38 years
Career Objective
Application type:
Preferred job title: : Finance Manager ¡¢ : Costing Manager ¡¢ : Audit Manager
Working life: 16 Title:
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a month
Expected salary: ¥15000~¥999999 Preferred working place:
Work experience
Company's name:Huizhou Gift International Greetings Co.,Ltd.Begin and end date: 2016-06-2019-09
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Senior Supervisor 
Job description: 1. Assist CFO to formulate or revise cost management systems and internal control management processes.
2. Responsible for cost team building, and give guide, trainning, management and assess to subordinates.
3. Take charge of cost budget and rolling forecast, lead cost acccouting, control and analytics.
4. Supervise the executive of cost budget and forecast, provide operating analysis reports and cost improvement proposals to management team.
5. Responsible for costing model revision, transfer pricing evaluation & analysis, Make vs. Buy analysis, and ROI analysis & assessments.
6. Put forward cost control & improving proposals and conduct implements supervision, participating in major financial decision-makings.
7. Complete other assignments from the management team. 
Reasons for leaving: Family Reason 
Company's name:Dongguan Rocom Electric Co., LtdBegin and end date: 2011-06-2016-06
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Costing Supervisor 
Job description: 1. Assist Finance Controller to set up kinds of cost management system, internal control and risk management procedures.
2. Guide subordinates to do cost accounting, control, analysis and management.
3. Coach subordinates to be know well costing model, pricing strategy, and formulate quotation analysis and management processes.
4. Responsible for ROI analysis & evaluation, Work-in-House vs. Outsourcing analysis & evaluation, providing decision-making supports to management team.
5. Take charge of BSC assessment and management, put forward improving proposals and supervise the implements.
6. Responsible for cost budget and rolling forecast, conduct costing, cost control, accounting, analysis and assessment, reducing cost and increasing benefit.
7. Complete other assignments from management team. 
Reasons for leaving: Career Re-consideration 
Company's name:HNT(Dongguan) Company LtdBegin and end date: 2009-05-2011-05
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Senior Accountant 
Job description: 1. Guide team members to know well of financial accounting and cost analysis.
2. Handle AR & AP modules successively, submit AR & AP Aging analysis reports in time.
3. Validate expense journal vouchers, improving expense accounting and internal control management procedures.
4. Assist financial manager cope with documents related to bank credit loan of export trade accounts.
5. Complete other tasks arranged by management team. 
Reasons for leaving: Career Re-consideration 
Company's name:Aavid Thermalloy Systems (Dongguan) LtdBegin and end date: 2008-05-2009-05
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Accountant 
Job description: 1. Follow up and coordinate the daily accounting & analysis of AP colleagures, and complete month closing on time.
2. Validate AP vouchers, offer cash forecast and payment reports.
3. Take charge of costing module, maintain standard cost data in Oracle ERP.
4. Responsible for AR module, foreign exchange verification and VAT invoice issue.
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders in time. 
Reasons for leaving: Career Re-consideration 
Company's name:Dongguan Fude Garment Company LtdBegin and end date: 2005-06-2008-05
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: English Accountant 
Job description: 1. Responsible for AR and AP successively, provide AR or AP aging analysis reports.
2. Follow up AR / AP Accounting processing data, finish month closing and year closing on time.
3. Prepare internal management report, offer kinds of cost analysis reports, helping provide supporting information to decision-making of operation.
4. Take charge of cost budget and control items, prepare external year-end audit report, etc.
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders in time. 
Reasons for leaving: Industry Characters and Personal Development 
Company's name:Shenyang Zheng'an Comm. Eng. Tech. Co., LtdBegin and end date: 2003-07-2005-05
Enterprise nature:Industry:
Job Title: Accountant 
Job description: 1. Responsible for cost accounting of Road Construction Project.
2. Assist the chief engineer to formulate construction organization plan, and prepare budget of road construction project.
3. Complete other tasks assigned by superior project. 
Reasons for leaving: Family Gathering 
Educational Background
Name of School: South China University of Technology
Highest Degree: Date of Graduation: 2017-06-01
Name of Major 1: Civil and Commercial law Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1997-092000-07No. 2 Middle School of Linchuan, Fuzhou, JiangxiLiberal ArtsHigh School Certificate
2000-092003-07Liaoning Provincial College of CommunicationsComputerized AccountingCollege Diploma
2002-092003-02China Accounting On-line SchoolComputerized Accounting
2014-092017-06South China University of TechnologyLawMaster
2015-092019-06School of Continuing Education, Peking UniversityComputer Science & TechnologyBachelor
Language Ability
Foreign Language: Level:
Chinese level: Cantonese Level:
Relevant skills and abilities
  1. Good at Word, Excel, and other OA softwares, capable of analytics using Excel and modelling.
2. Familiar with financial softwares and ERP methodology, for example, Kingdee, Oracle, SAP B1¡¢Microsoft Dynamic AX2009 and SAGE, etc.
Self-recommendation letter
  With over 16 years' experience in finance, taking as a supervisor in WOFE over 8 years, did different positions successively in private enterprises & WOFEs, taking charge of expenses, AR or AP, financial planning, budgeting, cost control & analytics, etc. Enclosed myself assessments as below:
1. Diligent and dedicated, honest and self-discipline, work with strong principle and responsiblities
2. Perfectionists, result-oriented, work with processes and details in mind
3. Full of team spirit while cooperations, ability of strong organization and coordination, willing to share and communications.
Work Performance
A. Huizhou Gift International Greetings Co., Ltd
1. Sort out the cost accounting process, ease cost team members work pressure, and improve their work efficiency by 10%.
2. Supervise the production and warehouse materials, recycle the surplus materials of work orders, and reduce the inventory loss by 5%.
3. Simplify the workshop inventory management process, improve the statistical efficiency of workshop by 12.5%, and improve the accuracy rate of workshop by 10%.
4. Spot check 3 cases of materials with wrong unit price, recover the loss of RMB5000, and give proposals and notes to purchasing department head while review purchase orders.
5. Share material knowledge with the accounting team, suggest the key points of purchase order when executive financial review, and reduce the risk of financial internal control.
6. Handled two typhoon insurance cases, and got the insurance claim of £¤3.085 million for typhoon loss of August 2018 in 2019.
B. Dongguan Rocom Electric Co., Ltd
1. Establish internal control and risk management process and risk list.
2. Establish primary materials forecast and analysis template, and improve the accuracy rate of annual material budget by 2 percentage points.
3. Review the workshop production target incentive data, sort out the risk of workshop data fraud, and reduce the labor cost by RMB2000 per week (RMB20 per headcount, 100 headcounts per week).
4. Jointly develop the internal transfer pricing procedure of ERP system with the IT department to improve the work efficiency. The internal transfer pricing update of ERP system is increased from 2 hours / time to 0.5 hours / time.
5. Follow up the post analysis and evaluation of investment projects, dig out 5% of non-conforming investment projects, and report to the management.
C. HNT (Dongguan) Company Ltd
1. Review all kinds of bills for expense reimbursement, pick out non-standard bills, and reduce the unreasonable expenses by RMB27000.
2. Get authority and RCF line of USD 1.0 million from bank¡¯s loan using export trade.
D. Aavid Thermalloy Systems (Dongguan) Ltd
1. Familiar with account receivables, account payables and cost modules of Oracle ERP.
2. Export declaration form filing, collection and verification of export trade credit system.
E. Dongguan Fude Garment Company Ltd
1. Familiar with Hong Kong accounting rules and English accounting system.
2. Familiar with the preparation of external audit report of Hong Kong company.

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