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Resume number: 254348402 Updating date: 2020-01-06 17:32:06 photo
Name: Mr. Mr Zhang Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Tianhe Height/Weight: 174 cm75 kg
Marital Status: Single Age: 37 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Foreign Trade / Import-Export Manager / Supervisor: Foreign Trade Manager 、 Foreign Trade/Import-Export Specialist/Assistant: Foreign Trade Salesman 、 :
Working life: 15 Title: No title
Job type: Both Expected Start date: In a week
Expected salary: ¥8000~¥9999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Other countries
Work experience
Company's name:Guangzhou ADS Audio Science & Technology Co.,LtdBegin and end date: 2015-07-2020-01
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Export manager 
Job description: 1.The company is a relatively large audio manufacturer in the industry. It has its own industrial parks in Guangzhou, Huizhou and Qingyuan. It has branches in Dubai and Thailand.

2.The foreign trade department is divided into two business divisions: home audio and car audio. I am responsible for the business development of car audio.

3.My job responsibilities: the company only has exhibition platform. I am responsible for participating in various exhibitions at home and abroad, including to attend 9 times of Canton Fair, 9 times of Hong Kong Fair, 1 time of CES Asia, 2 times of CES exhibition in the United States and 1 time of South Africa exhibition. During the foreign exhibition, I also visit the old customers in the company of customers.

4.Be responsible for the construction and design of the exhibition, preparation and transportation of samples and items list, etc.

5.Work flow: attend the exhibition - invite customers to the factory for negotiation - promote the order through email and telephone, etc. - order review - issue the production order - follow up production - Inspection - chartering and booking container - after-sales service, etc. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Guangzhou Ruida Electronics Co.,LTDBegin and end date: 2013-07-2015-07
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Export salesman 
Job description: 1.Company Profile: This is a factory that produces car DVD, car monitors and cameras, all kinds of auto parts products.

2.My job responsibilities: Development customers by alibaba and hong kong exhibition,etc. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycles CO.,LTDBegin and end date: 2010-12-2013-06
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Export salesman 
Job description: 1.Company Profile: This company is a large factory, belonging to Dayun Group, mainly produces Dayun and Dayang brand motorcycles, including Dayun and Dayang motorcycles and Dayun three-wheeled motorcycles that have total three large motorcycle factories in Guangzhou, in addition, the factory in Ningbo produces Dayun electric motorcycles, and factories in Chengdu and Shanxi respectively produces Dayun light truck and Dayun heavy truck.

2.Familiar with the spare part names of the entire unit of motorcycle, including engines, familiar SKD (semi knock down) and CKD (complete knock down) motorcycles loading and so on.

3. My job responsibilities: development of foreign customers, follow up orders, join in the Canton Fair (motorcycles and trucks), to study abroad markets; mainly responsible for Dayun two-wheeled and Dayun three-wheeled motorcycle export sales, and development Dayun light truck and heavy truck export markets. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:GuangZhou Yifeng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co.,ltdBegin and end date: 2007-10-2010-10
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Export Salesman 
Job description: 1.Company Profile: This company is a factory, it mainly produces types of automotive filters such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and so on; The annual export volume of at least 5 million; One of the GMC members; At least to 5 different countries for exhibition each year, such as USA, Germany, Brazil, Dubai, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa and so on.

2.My job responsibilities include: development of foreign customers, to participate in various meetings on behalf of the company, to apply for grant funds, to participate in the exhibition, to operate the whole export processes independently: customer inquiry-counter offer-order-make documents-contract review-issue the production tasks, contract review record form-cost accounting sheets, export contract tracking sheets and sales contract(PI) to pay financial accounting-production tracking-inspection-booking and shipping list-send customs documents and so on. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Guangzhou HongChi Trade CompanyBegin and end date: 2004-07-2007-08
Enterprise nature:State-owned enterprisesIndustry: Wholesale and Retail
Job Title: Export Salesman 
Job description: 1.Company Profile: The company mainly engaged in shoes and hats, bags, clothing, digital products for export.

2.My job responsibilities: Develop European and American customers through the B2B platform, Getting orders by E-mail, MSN, telephone and other ways, placing orders and so on. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Educational Background
Name of School: Jinan University、SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY
Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2004-07-01
Name of Major 1: Computer finance / English Name of Major 2: International trade / Business Administration 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1999-092002-07Huadu Normal School Of GuangzhouEnglishTechnical Secondary School
2002-092004-07Beijing Institute Of Technology UniversityComputer&FianceAssociate100075200406001231
2005-092008-07Guangdong University Of Foreign StudiesEnglishAssociate66440114002014595
2007-092009-07Changjiang UniversityInternational Economy&TradeBachelor104895201005000996
2012-022015-02SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITYEnglishUndergraduate105585201505060014
2013-032016-03Jinan UniversityBusiness AdministrationBachelor1055942015600563
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: perfect
Chinese level: excellent Cantonese Level: perfect
Relevant skills and abilities
  More than 12 years of foreign trade experience in auto parts industry

Business visa valid for 10 years in the United States

Got a bachelor's degree in management and Economics

Pass the National College English Test CET-4 and CET-6

Pass Guangdong degree english exam

Japanese can perform simple communication

Have hongkong & macao passport and C driving license

Familiar with international trade, international finance, e-commerce

Familiar with alibaba, globalsources, made-in-china and other B2B platforms operating

Familiar with OFFICE software, FOXPRO database applications, C language programming and other computer operations
Self-recommendation letter
  I am a person who has a persistent pursuit of ideals and firmly believes that gold will always shine. I hope the enterprise can give me a little sunshine, and I can give you a brilliant.

I am persevering, dedicated, hardworking and courageous. I can not only stand on my own, but also work together.

My philosophy of life is "man-made". I believe that if you choose me, you will choose the persistent pursuit of success. I would like to use my own professional knowledge and wisdom for the development of your company to do a little!

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