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Resume number: 235421102 Updating date: 2018-02-22 09:14:56 photo
Name: Mr. Terry Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Zhongshan Height/Weight: 165 cm60 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 42 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: CEO/COO/President/GM: Manufacturing M 、 Factory manager/Factory Director: Operation Manager 、 Office/Branch Manager: Quality Manager
Working life: 15 Title: Middle title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a day
Expected salary: ¥10000~¥19999 Preferred working place: Guangdong province Zhuhai Guangzhou
Work experience
Educational Background
Name of School: China Tsinghua University
Highest Degree: Master Date of Graduation: 2014-07-01
Name of Major 1: Applied Chemical Name of Major 2: EMBA 
Education experience:
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: perfect
Relevant skills and abilities
  【Self Assessment】
A man who has 16 years working experience, included 10 years in foreign company. And in changed many different department as a manager or senior manager with rich experience of management and leadership. And several education background, including Science and Engineering, Administration and EMBA, learns sensitively thinks. optimistic, bright,open minded and stepped forward.

Capability And Skill:
Strong organization, coordination and communication skills.
High awareness, professional, initiative and determination.
3.  Strong on learning ability, mental adjustment ability and receptivity
4.  Science and engineering education background, more then 10years experience in manufacturing and R&D project management.
Self-recommendation letter
  Name : Terry.Xu
Sex : Male
Year of Birth : 1975
Marital Status : married

A person with more than 12 years experience of  department  management, including production & quality management,  R&D  project management.
Strong leadership skill while possessing a great team spirit. Be able to work under pressure.
Good planner, communication, expression, organized, troubleshooting , training skills.
Experience working in an international company.
Familiar with the Internet, Outlook 6 and Microsoft Windows XP/NT Interface. Hands on experience in Microsoft XP Office: Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

09/93-06/96 Zhongshan University
Majored in Applied Chemistry
04/2005-06/2007 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Majored in  Administration  Management

11/2001-12/2001 Guangdong Technology Administration office
Training  for  writing  ISO  Standard  Operating Procedures  and  files.      
07/2002-08/2002 Jiuqian  Investment & Management Consulting Co,.
Training  for  Certificate of ISO/ TS9001  internal auditor.
09/2002-10/2002 Jiuqian  Investment & Management Consulting Co,.
Training  for  Certificate of ISO14001  internal auditor.
01/2003-6/2003 PDC Pharmaceutical Development (China) Co.,
Training  for  established  and  maintenance GMP  (drug & food  production  quality  system).
07/2003-11/2003 China  State  of  Food & Drug  Administration office
Training  for  GMP  assayer.

07/2002-04/2008. I Worked for PDC Pharmaceutical Development (China) Co., Ltd. as quality manager for 6 years ago , The PDC(China) is US wholly owned company.
1)Successful setup a whole efficient quality system. including quality control, quality assurance and quality development.
2)Successful established and maintenance the GMP and ISO quality system, The GMP quality system  certificated  by  State  Food & Drug  Administration in 2003.
3)Successful managed and participated in research and development  team, managed 8 R&D projects from 2002, All the projects have perfect completed in time by appointment of the requests. And it makes good express progress of company business.
4)Reviewed  quality problem, determined  route causes and corrective actions. Processed  of customer complaints.

01/2000-07/2002. I worked  for  Lucheng  chemical  plant, as production manager for 2-years.
1) Successful established and maintenance  a  whole  system  of  new  chemical plant, including  hardware system( production buildings and equipments)and software system( personnel management system , ISO 9001 quality  system ,ISO14001 environment system.)
2) Overall responsible for continuous process improvement within the operations;
Planed  and organized  training programs for production staff;
3) Worked  most closely with the customers, procurement, and logistics.

07/1996-01/2000. I worked for Zhongshan Environmental Protection Company, as  Lab  supervisor  for  4-years  ago.
1) Successful  established  and  developed  the chemical  lab of company .
2) I was the master researcher of the "new  type  sewage purification aqua " project.  
3) Planned  the tests as per the requirements especially on lead time and  organize  the job of the testing operators.
4) Validated the tests, made  the test report and/or validate it and then transmit it to prescribe.

1. Be good at GMP/ISO9001/TQM production and quality system establishment and  maintenance.
2. Be  good  at  R&D, production & quality  improvement  project  management
3. Familiar  with  5S, QC 7 tools ,6 sigma.
4. Familiar with  ISO14001 environment system.
5. Familiar with the Internet, Outlook  and Microsoft Windows  Interface. Hands on experience in  Office: Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Outdoor sport ,Soccer, movies, traveling  and  reading.

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