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Resume number: 1238730202 Updating date: 2020-01-15 09:51:35 no photo
Name: Mr. Zhu Shiyuan Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Foshan Height/Weight: 172 cm70 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 38 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Sales Director/Manager: Account Manager 、 Customer Manager/Supervisor: 、 Regional Sales Director/Manager:
Working life: 9 Title:
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a month
Expected salary: ¥15000~¥19999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Foshan Zhongshan
Work experience
Company's name:McLube Asia CompanyBegin and end date: 2015-03-2020-12
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Petroleum/Chemical Industry/Minerals/Geology
Job Title: China PU Engineer 
Job description: Responsibility
? Working at home office.Report to China manager( Indian), all in English .
? Marketing and Sales for Mould release agents for PU industry and composite industry in China.
? To develop more distributors to import goods directly.
? Techinical and commercial support to customers.


? Found more than 20 potential distributors and did trials with them.
? A new distributor imported hazardous goods after I worked for 3 months in McLube.
? 3 new PU distributors started importing directly and keep cooperating.
? Some trading companies could not import directly started buying as sub distributors.
? Helped company to turn loss into gain in 2016.
? Got useful market information to help to develop new products and tried them in China.
? Sales for PU products in 2017was  90% more than 2015.  
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Evonik Degussa China Company Begin and end date: 2011-03-2015-03
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Petroleum/Chemical Industry/Minerals/Geology
Job Title: Sales Representative 
Job description: March.2011—May.2012

? Responsible for the Guangdong market and sales of silicone surfactants for PU Foam.
? Managed 2 dealers in Guangdong market, avoid the internal competition in Guangdong.

? Took over the middle part and northwest market of China. Including Hubei ,Henan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang provinces.
? Took over 4 target customers for direct sales since 2014.

? Market analysis wass finished.Competitors in the region were monitored.
? Proposal for the market was presented by Terry and approved by Global Management team.
? Tailored product was developed to compete with local competitors.
? Started business with biggest customer XY in henan.
? Developed 2 new direct customers in Guangdong.
? Developed new customers with distributors. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Educational Background
Name of School: South China University of Technology
Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2004-07-01
Name of Major 1: Polymer Science &Engineering Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
2011-092011-09HongKong Dew-Point International LtdCommimocation and interpersonal skills
2018-032018-03Guangdong Love Nature Vitality education company.Family emotion traing
2018-092018-09Guangdong Xinlicheng education company.Charm of the language training
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Chinese level: good Cantonese Level: perfect
Relevant skills and abilities
Self-recommendation letter

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