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Resume number: 1219518602 Updating date: 2019-09-20 15:10:42 photo
Name: Mr. Liu Zhenglong Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Yuexiu Height/Weight: 180 cm75 kg
Marital Status: Single Age: 56 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Senior Management: Senior manager 、 Consultant/Director/Manager: 、 :
Working life: 35 Title: Middle title
Job type: Both Expected Start date: In three days
Expected salary: above ¥20000 Preferred working place: Guangdong province Shanghai Fujian
Work experience
Company's name:Xiamen Lairuy Electronical Appliances Co., Ltd. Begin and end date: 2017-07-2019-02
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: Vice President 
Job description: As the orders dropping and the cost increased becoming a trend in manufacture industry under the current deteriorating market conditions, it is vital to reduce the cost and expenses of products and enhance productivity as well as develop the sales of the firm’s branded products.
- Retrained line employees and applied job rotation in accordance with the characteristics of the products, changed the way of evaluation of productivity and quality of the products from individual level to team performance level, and conducted 6S management method, all of which made the productivity improved by 30%, and stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff as well.
- Innovated unreasonable flow of information and materials in the processes concerned ordering, purchasing, inventory and production planning, then established ERP system, which reduced 40% workload of production planning and raised the order on time delivery rate to 95%;
- Set up an ecommerce operation team to promote production sales and reputation by demonstrating products on main ecommerce platforms and WeChat subscription account articles pushing, as a result, online sales proportion grew from 5% to 20% within one year. 
Reasons for leaving:  
Company's name:Wonderu (Fuzhou) Biological Technology Co., Ltd.   Begin and end date: 2011-09-2017-07
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: FMCG(Food/Beverage/Cosmetics/Daily Chemicals)
Job Title: President 
Job description: - Started the health liquor project up with other shareholders and took the full responsibility to run the company, after various kinds of market research and exploration, created a new sales channel targeting the customers who have strong loyalty in the highly competitive health products market;
- Created a stable sales channel that consists golf clubs, industry associations etc, targeting our customers exactly by delivering heath lectures, free trials and tracking the feed backs of customers, which rise turnover from zero to over 30 million during the first three years;
- Devoted to survival and then growth of the company in the high competitive health product market with almost the lowest input in the industry. 
Reasons for leaving: Company closed 
Company's name:Guangzhou Visiontecs Investment Management Co., Ltd.   Begin and end date: 2005-05-2011-09
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Professional Services(Consultancy/Translation/Human Resources)
Job Title: President 
Job description: - As a chief consultant, led the consulting team to provide medium and small size firms with management consulting service, beginning with finding out existing problems and provided tailored solutions under the guidance of corporation strategy, by means of office and factory visiting, researching, management and staff talking etc. Solutions involved many aspects of management, included business process reengineering, management software selection, job design, regulations and codes drawn up and performance appraisal, over 60% of clients doubled their revenue in two years;
- Selected convenient investment projects for investors, represented investors to negotiate with target firms and doing due diligence on behalf of investors;
- As a financial adviser, helped medium and small size business find equity financing capital, offering process planning as well as execution;
- Making the best used of management and financing consulting experience to provide small business with customized value added services that enhanced the company’s reputation. 
Reasons for leaving: Invested and manage other firm 
Company's name:Xiamen Tecsol Technologies Co., Ltd Begin and end date: 2003-04-2005-05
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Durable Consumer Goods(Garment/Textiles/Leather/Footwear Industry/Furniture/Household Appliances)
Job Title: Vice President 
Job description: - Responsible for marketing and sales of some home appliances, using my connections to develop and expanded overseas market, which accounted 70% income of the company, at the same time, started the domestic market development;
- Implemented the application of financial support from Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms of Ministry of Science and Technology, the process involved the project set up, feasibility study report writing, experts review and check, implementation and acceptance of the completed project;
- Organized management and technician team to change the product workflow in order to improve the product quality and productivity.   
Reasons for leaving: Launched my own business 
Company's name:Guangzhou Suntek Networks Technology Co., Ltd.Begin and end date: 2001-08-2003-04
Enterprise nature:Share-holding enterprisesIndustry: Computer Software
Job Title: Executive Vice President  
Job description: After half year as the vice president of Suntek Networks Technology Co., Ltd., I was sent to Beijing to set up Beijing Century Cable Information Technology Co. to expand the market to cable television networks industry.
- Implementation of new company set up and led it to enter the cable and satellite TV network billing system market successfully with a team of fifties;
- Leading and participating in corporate strategic planning, responsible for corporate finance and daily operation, and organized necessary resources to execute the strategy;
- Adjustment of workflow and process, corporate organization structure and regulations, established company’s HRM system, supervised and evaluated staff, coached management skills improvement;
- Successfully conducted business negotiation with aTelo, an US company, finally facilitated cooperation between two companies. 
Reasons for leaving: Business Shrinking 
Company's name:Fujian Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Begin and end date: 2000-10-2001-08
Enterprise nature:State-owned enterprisesIndustry: Professional Services(Consultancy/Translation/Human Resources)
Job Title: Vice President 
Job description: - Provide corporates with business consultancy, including planning and executing service;
- Assisted top management to worked out corporate strategic planning and reposition the company’s business, focusing the company’s business on strategy, M&A and reconstruction, business process reengineering, and human resource management consulting of medium and small enterprises, which built the company’s competitive advantage in local industry;
- Established M&A department and conducted M&A cases, which increased 30% of the company’s income;
- Directed recruitment and training of project managers and new staffs. 
Reasons for leaving: Left Fujian province 
Company's name:Radio and TV Broadcasting Department of Fujian ProvinceBegin and end date: 1983-09-1996-08
Enterprise nature:InstitutionIndustry: Television / Media / Arts
Job Title: Electronic Engineer and Director 
Job description: - Maintenance of television transmission equipment and instrument and carried out relevant research and development, design, equipment purchasing;
- Organized the project of computer control and supervisory system of radio and television broadcast, which granted the first prize of Ministry of Radio and Television Broadcasting in 1993 and enhanced the performance and reliability of television signals transmitting system significantly;
- Participated the founding of Fujian Cable Television Station and establishment of main provincial cable networks;
- Responsible for HR, finance, operation, facilities and technical support coordination and Management. 
Reasons for leaving: Studied abroad 
Educational Background
Name of School: The University of Waikato
Highest Degree: Master Date of Graduation: 2000-10-01
Name of Major 1: Business Administration Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1979-091983-07Beijing Broadcasting Institute (Communication University of China)Microwave EngineeringBachelor of Electronic Engineering
1997-071997-11UNITEC Institute of TechnologySmall Business ManagementCertificate in Small Business Management
1998-021998-11Massey UniversiutyBusiness AdministrationPostgraduate Diploma
1999-072000-10The University of WaikatoInternational MBAMBA
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: excellent
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: poor
Relevant skills and abilities
  - Extensive experience in both corporate and financial management, insights into the key issues of strategic planning and operational management, expertise in applying strategic level plan to business practices;
- Comprehensive knowledge and over thirty years skilled in management and consulting field across IT, electronic engineering, health production and investment industries;
- Ability to judge and analyze the problems and value of enterprises, and to allocate necessary resources to solve the problems at the low costs as possible;
- Objective, hardworking and persistent learning, strong strategic thinker and team builder.
- Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SPSS software.
Self-recommendation letter

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