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Personal Details
Resume number: 1218703602 Updating date: 2017-11-03 14:08:35 photo
Name: Mr. HO JIE FENG CALVIN Nationality: Singapore
Current Place: Guangzhou Height/Weight: 183 cm£ 80 kg
Marital Status: Single Age: 26 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Foreign Trade/Import-Export Specialist/Assistant: Foreign trade import/export assistant ¡¢ ISO Specialist: ¡¢ Real Estate Development/Planner:
Working life: 6 Title: Middle title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In three days
Expected salary: £¤12,000¡«£¤14,999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Singapore No preference
Work experience
Company's name:COUNTRY GARDEN HOLDINGS LIMITEDBegin and end date: 2016-10-2017-10
Enterprise nature:Share-holding enterprisesIndustry: Real Estate Development/Operation/Management
Job description: Lead a group of Sales Elites in achieving sales target. Achieved sales results of 20 Million Yuan in 3 Months time.


Preparing and summarizing groups¡¯s weekly sales forecast
Supervise and plan work schedules for group
Establish procedures, ensuring process and workflow
Conducting training and briefing
Maintaing client relationship
Uncovering new business in new areas of Guangzhou
Develop client network, uncovering new prospects and business
Set KPI, ensuring individual KPIs are met
Travels to South East Asia frequently with clients, providing one-one services
Collecting and analyzing of data
Hosted talk groups, events, roadshows and promotional meetings with various trade, including Insurance, Financial Services, Tourism and Educational groups.

Accompanied Executive Directors on meeting embassies and to assist them in translation. (English, Mandarin)

Achieved 2nd place in the 1st quarter of WY2017 (Overall exhibition sales results)

Achieved 1st and 2nd place in Individual sales result of the Exhibition centre (2 months  
Reasons for leaving: Low future prospects in real estate sector, interested in trade sector 
Company's name:Ministry of Defence SingaporeBegin and end date: 2011-10-2016-10
Enterprise nature:Governmental agencyIndustry: Government/Non-profitOrganization/Social Work
Job Title: Military Expert 1-2 (Air Operations System Expert) 
Job description: Responsibility & Achievements

Assisted unit to achieve unit excellence award
Took up various appointments in unit, including;
Procurement/Logistics ¨C Able to draw up logistic plan, procuring and condemning. Ensuring tight control in Logistics Support.
Financial ¨C Expenditure Officer -  to raise orders, allocate and approve funds, forecast expenditure, ensuring all funds used are true and appropriate
Audit Team ¨C Conduct audit biannually to ensure all work process,  procedures and KPI are met
Planned events/functions for units
Have experience as a secretary to Commanding Officer
Assisted units and commanding officer in Writing reports, minutes and summary
Achieve outstanding Serviceman Award (5 Years)
Reasons for leaving: Interested in China's overall market 
Educational Background
Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2010-05-26
Name of Major 1: REAL ESTATE BUSINESS Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: perfect
Language ability: Able to speak Hokkien dialect.
Basic conversation in Bahasa Meleyu.
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: poor
Relevant skills and abilities
Obtained certification in;
People Relationship

ISO9001 Development & Implementation£¨ISO9001:2008£©

OSHAS 18001 Development & Implementation£¨OSHAS 18001:2007£©

ISO9001 Internal Auditor£¨ISO9001:2008£©

Capital Market and Financial Advisory Services Examination ¨C Passed Paper on Rules & Regulations dealing with securities

Personal skills and abilities;

Able to adapt to new environment
Loves challenges
A thinker
Able to identify staffs's potential and needs
Exceptional multi-tasker
Able to develop workflow and processes that suits each company's needs
A great listener
Self-recommendation letter
  Hi everybody, this is Calvin here.

This is going to be my 2nd year here in Guangzhou as of November. Loves this place! I came from Singapore, a multi-racial society, a bustling small country with lots of different people around the world. As an Asian myself, it seems that China has a lot more potential in the upcoming years and i see myself growing and moving ahead with this awaken dragon. Apart from specializing in Real Estate, i hope that i can have an opportunity in trading, foreign import and export. Thank you! Cheers!

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