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⊙ Recruiting position

  Company name: Guangzhou Guanjing Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: [Company Introduction]:
Guangzhou Guanjing Film and Television Cultural Media Co., Ltd. is a cultural media company that specializes in film and television, media, film and television planning and production, development, promotion, sales, film and television culture, cultural programs, copyright agency, brokerage agency services, and corporate image planning. Adhering to the market orientation and the enterprise concept of "cooperation, sharing and win-win", we are responsible to our customers through the establishment of a large-scale operation process and a perfect control system, forming a good experience style, winning the reputation of our customers and the society, and providing our friends with high-quality films and other services with brand-new management mode and exquisite services. To build a national excellent cultural media co., ltd.

[Team Introduction]:
The founding team came from senior executives of Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Xinmei University and the overseas returnees of mature technology companies.
Reliable people do reliable things and call them work.
A group of reliable people do reliable things, called career!

[Welfare Treatment]:
1. Non-responsibility base salary+high performance bonus+billing incentive bonus+team bonus +PK bonus+weekly bonus.
(Shh! Don't tell others, the boss is stupid and has a lot of money. As long as you have the ability, there is no ceiling … it's easier than ten thousand! ! Join Guanjing TV and don't worry about Ma Yun's father's flowers, borrowings and credit card bills ..)
2. High school, full of cramps, prosperous CBD office area, free snacks, afternoon tea and a full meal. ..
3. New trends, more opportunities for promotion, great prospects for development, regular professional training ..
4. Employees' birthday benefits, irregular group building activities and red envelope rewards, and excellent employees can enjoy overseas travel of the company;
5. Working hours: 09: 30-18: 00 (double holidays, legal holi

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Address: Room 3602, World Trade Center, 148 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Zip Code :
Contact person: Email:
TEL: 13609098272 Fax: ''020-87076289