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  Company name: NILESK international company    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: The Nilesk Group is a Dutch organization with offices and factories in China. Nilesk B.V. was founded
in the Netherlands in 1996. The Guangzhou (China) representative office was opened two years
later, in 1998.
Nilesk Modular Housing Co., Ltd. has a production facility where standard ISO-shipping containers
are converted into modular accommodation, like student housing, social housing or hotels.
Since the start of its production in 2005, the Modular Housing factory has gained a lot of experience
and know-how about producing and developing different kinds of accommodation with shipping
containers according to different designs and building regulations.
Although built from a standard unit, each project is approached, designed and built specifically for its
target. Finished units can consist of one or more containers combined. With its engineering and
purchasing department, Nilesk Modular Housing Co., Ltd. can, among others, support and advise in
design, materials selection and certification.

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