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⊙ Recruiting position

  Company name: PITLLCO LIMITED    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: Whether there is a company, can get all respects and cooperation within the industry, and continue to adhere to the principle of inherent,
Whether a company can provide a platform to let a rookie become a master;
Whether a company doesn’t require any experience, qualification, as long as you can speak English, it can let you get a monthly not less than industry income;
PITLLCO LIMITED-- since 2009, is focusing on exporting various of goods to middle east countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc…

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Address: Room B1116 , 11  Floor Jinmen Dashsa, No. 759 north of renmin road , Guangzhou,China Zip Code : 510170
Contact person: Tia Dodo Yuan Email:
TEL: Fax: 'x020-81082532'