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  Company name: Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company which is well-known for ongoing innovation in China. Former Premier Wen Jiabao visited T.K Medical on Sep. 12, 2005. Our company innovates, manufactures, and distributes medical devices, including devices used in minimally invasive surgery and sleep surgery.

   The management and technical team of our company consists of many excellent researchers who are creative, dynamic and highly motivated. The technical team has the capability to develop innovative products independently and has accomplished several key R&D projects from government funding. We have developed more than 300 patents.

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Address: A601 Guangzhou International Business Incubator, Guangzhou Science Park , Guangzhou , China Zip Code : 510765
Contact person: Miss. Luo Email:
TEL: 020-37616967 Fax: 020-32290395