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 Company/Dept. Name: Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
About Company
Guangzhou T.K Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company which is well-known for ongoing innovation in China. Former Premier Wen Jiabao visited T.K Medical on Sep. 12, 2005. Our company innovates, manufactures, and distributes medical devices, including devices used in minimally invasive surgery and sleep surgery.

   The management and technical team of our company consists of many excellent researchers who are creative, dynamic and highly motivated. The technical team has the capability to develop innovative products independently and has accomplished several key R&D projects from government funding. We have developed more than 300 patents.
 Contact Info
Address: A601 Guangzhou International Business Incubator, Guangzhou Science Park , Guangzhou , China Zip Code: 510765
Contact Person: Miss. Luo Tel: 020-37616967 Fax: 020-32290395
Email: Website:
 电商运营经理 Recruit number: 1 People Date Posted:Nov 10, 2020  

Job Label :

Perfered Major:   Age Requirement:  Unlimited
Desired Education Level:  Associate Current Place:  Unlimited
Foreign Language:  Unlimited Job Location:  Huangpu  
Cantonese:  Unlimited Job Type:  Full time
Sex:  Unlimited Salary:  ¥6000~¥15000 
Marital Status:  Unlimited Tel:  
Contact Person:   Email:  
Job Responsibilities & Requirements
1、 大专及以上学历,电子商务专业、市场营销专业优先,有医疗器械或家庭护理产品电商经验优先。
2、 熟悉电子商务运营各个环节,三年以上电子商务运营经验。
3、 有三年以上网络营销推广实际操作工作经验,熟练各个推广渠道及方法。
4、 具备一定的电子商务平台和网络的维护管理能力。
5、 具有较强的沟通、协调、组织、执行能力和团队合作精神。