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 Company/Dept. Name: Wonders Garment Manufacturer
About Company
Wonders Garment Manufacturer was established in 2002, a comprehensive garment factory  combines designing, production and marketing .  With more than 15 years of experience in textile, we always apply professional knowledge in our product and have gained very good responses.

With ISO9001 Quality and 5S Management Control systems, we provide top ranking quality.  We pay detailed attention on each production stage to ensure every piece produced from our workshop is at its finest condition.  

Our product include: T-shirts, Sportswear, Home-wear, Camisoles, Leggings, Swimwear, Bras, Panties ..,etc.
 Contact Info
Address: Foshan Zip Code: 528000
Contact Person: Miss Lai Tel: 0757-63829068 Fax: 0757-63829066
Email: Website:
 服装外贸跟单 Recruit number: 1 People Date Posted:Dec 3, 2019  

Job Label :

Perfered Major:   Age Requirement:  Between 22 and 40
Desired Education Level:  High School Current Place:  Unlimited
Foreign Language:  English Unlimited Job Location:  Chancheng Yuexiu  
Cantonese:  Unlimited Job Type:  Full time
Sex:  Unlimited Salary:  ¥3500~¥4499 
Marital Status:  Unlimited Tel:  0757-63829068
Contact Person:  宁小姐/林生 Email:
Job Responsibilities & Requirements