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南方人才网站群: job168主站  |   南方猎头  |   U校园招聘  |   English is the official international website of South China Market of Human Resources , which is Chinese largest and most professional comprehensive HR Market. We mainly provide a series of services including online recruitment, network AD, headhunting service, personnel affairs service, talents leasing, talent training and certification, salary investigation, etc. The enterprise recruitment information of OCS (Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents and the Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology) is also listed on our website to match more international talents’ demands. Currently, our talent base has accumulated almost 200,000 resumes, and the number of resumes grows by 500 copies per day. Based on 0.3 million views per day to our website on average and 8.5 million members of Chinese official website of South China HR Market (www., we can provide precise service and match for international talents and foreign-related enterprises.

Cooperation Advantage

1. We have 8.5 million jobseeker members from and 15 million daily page views.
2. We own over 0.68 million enterprise members.
3.JOB168 Career Magazine targets to all walks of life with 0.48 million yearly circulation.
4.We also organize professional online job fairs and national on-campus job fairs.

Cooperation Type


Resource sharing will bring our win-win cooperation.

2、Media Support

Long term cooperative relationship is needed to establish with foreign web media, print media, publishing house, etc.

3、AD Exchange

AD exchange is encouraged to share resources for free.

4、Marketing Activity

Mutual marketing activities could promote win-win cooperation.

5、Other cooperation forms

We are looking forward more creative cooperation forms. Please contact us.

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Contact us

Lily Qin:020-85584676 ; Sophie Yun:020-85594076