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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
gai guo wang male 43 Associate Electronic Engineering and Management the electronics industry in Jiangxi Institute of Yuzhou
yizhijun male 28 Technical secondary school E-commerce Huangpu, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Technical School
Miss. D female 37 Associate Mechanical Electronic Engineering Hunan Changsha University of Science and Technology
male 37 Bachelor Naval architecture and ocean engineering South China University of Technology
Winkey Liu female 33 Bachelor International economics and trade College of Hunan Science and Technology
Chen Huifang female 27 Bachelor business English Chang Sha University of Science and Technology
Gaga Chan female 32 Bachelor Property  Management Guangzhou University
Fion Lee female 32 Bachelor Pharmacutial Analysis Guangdong Pharmacutical University
king male 39 Associate electric automatization maoming college
Ye Ning female 34 Associate english / computer Guangzhou university
Dong Ouyang male 26 Master General Biology New York University
Guan Wei Feng male 41 Bachelor English South China Normal University
chongneng li male 46 Associate English kunmin University
Suxiaoyan female 28 Associate Business English(Shipping English) Guangzhou Maritime College
sandy female 33 Associate business english / spoken japanese GUAND DONG PEI ZHENG COLLEGE
Emma Kor female 27 Bachelor Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Guangzhou
Bella female 29 Bachelor Business English Guilin University of Electronic Technology
Mr. L male 35 Bachelor Chemical Lab Scientist / Technician Guangxi University of Technology
HuangLiping female 33 Associate Accounting computerization Guangdong Social Sciences University
Jack male 25 High School Marketing Guangdong water rsources and electric engineer

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